What does a head of lettuce think?

How DO we communicate with other sets of states of energy?

Does lettuce know it’s grown to be eaten rather than allowed to bloom out, produce seed and die?

Does a Cattleya orchid know it’s been cloned?

We want to create a machine with artificial intelligence (AI) to say it can think but we don’t stop to think how little/much the living organisms around us are thinking.


What if, instead of the dreaded hourglass or beach ball on user interface (UI) WYSIWYG displays, we completely changed the way we perceive thinking (i.e., processing)?

What if we de-anthropomorphised thinking altogether?

Why seek the ultimate AI when a forest/ocean ecosystem much more succinctly demonstrates the power of adaptive processes?

Humans are not isolated beings.  We do not live in a box.

We are fuzzy definitions, in constant contact with our environment, as dependent on the fluctuations of solar flares as we are on social communication with each other.

In the moisture that has condensed on the sunroom windows this morning live billions of organisms I cannot see yet their influence upon me is immensely immeasurable, all because of a heat pump system that cools the air inside our house many degrees F below that of the ambient air outside.

Much to ponder today while relaxing and meditating upon the importance of picking up and delivering lifesaving blood products in my former “office-based information factory” knowledge worker retirement years.

Which of the hobbies I’m reliving and enjoying do I want to take with me to Mars?

Model airplanes?



Sports car maintenance/rebuilding?





Inventing new electronic gadgets?


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