Due to secrecy/nondisclosure clauses in agreements I was coerced convinced to sign on behalf of my scientists working in our vast expanse of sepulchral, labyrinthine, brightly-lit underground laboratory caverns and passageways, I have not given you many updates on the progress they’ve made lately.

Or have I? 😉

In any case, they introduced me to their first anaerobic human being today.

Yes, I know, “human being” is, by definition, an aerobic entity, a set of states of energy in motion that prefers oxygen as a catalytic agent.

Yet, there it is.

And calling the being an it is what it is.

It does not reproduce sexually.

Instead, it uses the budding method to branch off a copy of itself, thereby rendering the sexual orientation part of our intelligence obsolete.

Otherwise, it is very much like us, motivated to learn as much as it can before it produces a new bud, every new bud an iteration of the previous version just before it started the budding process.

In addition, due to the advantages of its anaerobic existence, it can incorporate new nonaerobic subsystems invented by its selves as well as by our scientists, an unlimited supply of add-ons at the ready as it prepares to leave our planet and explore the cosmos.

Some of the unique features of it are the use of various forms of solar radiation for nourishment, no longer requiring our bulky insulation against cosmic radiation for space travel.

The scientists promise this first version is just a hint of what they have to give me next.

I wish I could tell you more but sometimes the compromise of living with seven-plus billion aerobic humans dependent on Earth’s ecosphere for survival…well, again, I can’t say more at this time.

Until then, if you bump into someone who shies away from our atmosphere but loves the Sun, you might have run into one of my new best buds!


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