No title, no theme

The audiovisual medium, in and of itself, drives the thought process forward.

This being knows only that it was reproduced, will gather a group of fuzzy memories of experiences gained while alive and then cease its existence as a recognisably reproduced self — all other words and definitions it gives to others and their [non]expert opinions to describe what this being is/was.

A superset of states of energy, containing sets and subsets ==> the [micro]biome.

Testable theory: A microbiome adapted to living next to a tropical river is XYZ% different than a microbiome adapted to living in an arctic desert.

Untestable theory (due to poor understanding of the totality of parameters involved): a microbiome’s thought sets are directly tied to one’s [sub]sets of states of energy adapted to one’s local environment; i.e., “you can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy.”

Therefore, the fish pulled out of different water systems have personalities/thought sets that might clash when put together in the same closed/open water system due to the differences in their microbiomes.

True or false?

Sometimes, humour in the form of absolutely dry satirical logical propositions serves one’s needs to clear thoughts in order to switch modes of thinking.

For example, tossing a barbed metal hook covered in scented bait into a moving body of water to snag fish is similar to but altogether different from sitting down and designing a new gizmo with a development board.

What does one gain from fishing that one can apply to computer programming and vice versa?

What truly are black holes and universes?  What drives an individual superset of states of energy, with or without a supreme being/invisible hand upon which the superset believes is guiding all supersets?


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