Nature at its beast

Sometime in the recent past I started a native fish aquarium and filled it with minnows.

Fun to watch, smaller males pestering the plump females for sex, all of them learning to eat tropical fish flake food.

I caught a second batch which included a funny-looking minnow.

Turned out to be a juvenile white crappie, I believe, or a panfish of some kind that has been growing bigger rapidly.

A week or so ago I caught some green sunfish, teenagers in human years, all of them skittish at first, hiding behind some water weed I scooped up as protection.

One of them jumped out of tank and lay on the ground for somewhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours, having flopped up underneath the large tank stand and covered itself with dust bunnies, general detritus in toto.

Thought it was a goner but I tossed it in a one-gallon plastic jug I’ve used for years as a tap water transfer container, adding conditioner before pouring water  in an aquarium (I’ve had aquariums for almost 40 years and never performed a water change).   I added tap water and extra aloe-infused conditioner, left the fish in the jug while my wife and I went out to eat.

The fish lived!

In fact, it and the remaining sunfish have thrived, having adapted to a diet of freeze-dried tubifex worms, cichlid flake food and, as I’ve noticed by the diminishing number of aquarium companions, minnows.

Nature at its beast!  Lol 😉


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