In the midst of life — feeding mosquitoes, aquarium-bound fish, housebound cat and sundry other sets of states of energy out of view — I feed my mental alternative/alternate universe (i.e., alter ego) which, until recently, included an archetype archvillain who simultaneously created destructive devices when I have given my universe life-building ones.

Influence of simple folk tales in my youth regurgitated as comic book storylines in my adulthood, no doubt.

I see the rest of our species is no less easily influenced by narratives with well-defined characters who tend to either live in the daylight or hide in shadows, complex characters crossing through umbral zones with ease.

Both feet in nature (nature = following the unwritten rules of this universe), one foot set in the slow ebb and flow of nonhuman life, the other foot running in our need to speed forward faster and faster in pursuit of…what?

Words like progress, civilisation and technology being merely words.

What are we after?

What were we before?

If the Moon and Mars are stepping stones, where does the path lead us and what are our interim goals?

Sometimes it pays to reevaluate.

When it doesn’t pay, we’ve only lost time we could have spent rushing toward a future where every one of us today is finally dead despite how much we’ve squeezed into and out of our lives.

The illusion of immortality drives some of us, personally and/or culturally, despite its changing definition.

Our birth galaxy is not honour-bound to our beliefs, no matter what they are.

As soon as we let go of the concept of consciousness as an entity separate from the universe, we begin to hear new rhythms and old ones all over again as if for the very first time.

The green sunfish in the foyer aquarium have no idea what the stuff I’m staring at in the garage is and they can’t diagram this sentence yet their species lives in all sorts of aquatic conditions.

Who or what is wisest or smartest?


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