Ditch/creek drying up


Time to check out the ditch/creek conditions and simulate the same for the green sunfish in my native fish aquarium at home while hunting a new batch of minnows for them scooped out of a few drying-up water holes and poured ceremoniously into the aquatic lion’s den.


Caught a few dozen today and maybe a few more tomorrow before the water holes dry up completely this time of year.

More pictures to follow should I remember to photograph where I am am trekking muddy feet through the creek bottom next to deer and raccoon footprints, scaring frogs and scattering crickets.

On a side note, my homeless style getup while fishing has been an experiment all its own with nary a person taking a gander at me as I wander the ditchline — I feel invisible, with only barking dogs marking my passing — little do people see the quiet millionaire next door in their midst, perhaps simply an eccentric old man living in the cabin in the woods down the street?

Despite a recent bout of depression, I enjoy life on this cloudy autumn day, in good health and consistent constitution.


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