Even stranger in a strange land

How much influence of the here and now impacts the impact of sets of states of energy outside of the eternal moment on each other?

Sitting in a motor vehicle service department with other motorists, waiting.

Waiting on…?



Some sit and stare at the box of moving images that comprise an enterprise we call news, either general information stories about current events or that which we label sports.

Some play games on phones/tablets.

Others read.

A few type on work laptop PCs.

While one-finger typing, I listen to an audiobook I checked out of my local library’s digital media zone, an autobiographical tale called “Wild,” about a hiker’s life that led to completing the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail).

With all the audiovisual stimuli bouncing against/through me, I celebrate the improved hearing comprehension in my left ear, aided by Prednisone administered by injection and via daily oral intake.

I wait.

Life outside my immediate surroundings, outside my inner circle of influence, vies for attention.




Later today, another medical procedure on my inner ear.

And then?


What pause pauses here?

How do words, images, symbols, labels, convey time?

How can these milemarkers, milestones (milles borne) outlast this temporary confluence of states of energy right now?

They don’t.

They look the same but their context instantly changes between fuzzy subconscious conjuring and appearance on the tablet PC, let alone years later when someone searches the Internet database for references to motorcars and the book, “Wild.”


Names called.

“Mr. Patel. Your car is ready.”


Local news announcement of Job Fair for Veterans.

“Top Ten” sports moments of the day.

All of us, filling the time between birth and death, unknown actuarial table entries in motor vehicle smashups and accidental fatalities.


Is this how we get to Mars?

Of course it is.

We are blobs on a globe, sharing microbes, passing ideas, changing settings, every one of us unique individuals involved in…



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