The Upside

Capturing the continuing saga of my left ear system in relation to normal hearing…

Auditory perception of outside stimuli improves but at a reduced volume in comparison to my right ear.

The tinnitus on the left side of my body/head feels/sounds as if there’s a 60 Hz feedback hum located just inside my head, behind my left eye and above my left ear.

Just above the threshold of hearing is a set of electromechanical whooshs and soft plops similar to the electronic music of the 1950s and 1960s…say, Popcorn or the Forbidden Planet soundtrack.

Why does a brain trying to reconnect to its auditory input from one ear use tones, beeps and bops as filler/substitute?

Why would I accept this as a self/brain without associating these “sounds” with auditory hallucinations?


No subtext, no context.

They correspond with life events such as the rapid increase in blood pressure after taking a few generic Sudafed pills when I had a cold, after my flu shot, after I quit drinking alcohol and coffee…what else?

What about the difficulty swallowing I had a few weeks ago, when I felt like I had to retrain myself to use my Adam’s Apple (hyoid bone?) again, while at the same time feeling deep aches in the joints and muscles of my upper back and shoulders which I then attributed to old age, lifting a lot of boxes at work and an extra vigorous back/neck massage I received to relieve the pain?

Should I pay more attention to this temporary vessel of microorganisms that I am?

When concentrating on these words, I forget about the tinnitus and see instead ideas float in my thoughts, vague clouds of concepts that magically coalesce into typed symbols.

Who am I?

Ah, well, time for a new story.

Time to get away from the Crowd and shake a few more nuts out of the bushes.


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