When the workings of the seven-plus billion click like finely-crafted clockwork, one smiles at the intricacies missed at the 100km level.

if everything is in space, what is outer space?  Inner?

If the theory of relativity is everything, is the theory of everything relative?

How quickly do the days go by until the 6th of May 2050 arrives too soon (or not soon enough?)!

Do we take Figaro literally or figuratively?

On sound terms or unsound?

Found or unfounded?

In the grand opera of life, who is our Figaro?  Our Sweeney Todd?

When is an event a close shave rather than the final cut?

Who opens the Second Act?

Who closes the last Scene?

Who on Mars will be the first to say, “I sold my sol to the company store“?

What is business as usual in an unusual business?

Is the business of fish a fishy business?

Are people who work for businesses called busybodies?  Is it any of our business?  Is a business full of business?

When is the business of selling terrorism to the masses simply a diversion tactic?  When is it not?

Is a tactic ever tactless?  Are brass tacks like Tic-Tacs?

Who is the world Tic-Tac-Toe champion?

Did Rikki Tikki Tavi ever say “Fee Fi Fo Fum?”

What does the blood of an Englishman smell like?  Why is it different than a non-English person’s blood odour?

These and other questions bubble to the surface of the nearest sulphur springs, curative or otherwise…


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