Black Ribbons

Woven into the landscape, black ribbons folded and tied bind the planet’s crust to the core.

Winking stars nod in sympathy.

The river’s aroma loosen the bonds ofv

Propelled into childhood once again, one holds a starcrossed lover, writes anew, lives vigorously, loves unhindered,  asks the Milky Way for directions to the future.

The words between you, the unencumbered baby talk you still share in subconscious subaether channels, follows the odours over a night river’s journey from Port to Port.

Sleeping at 4:30 in the morn, the town welcomes you by not denying your anchor offshore.

Longboats by the dozen.

Medieval castles perched just out of sight.

The walls of a church almost visible in a streetlight’s solid beam.

Bridges strapped across the black ribbon…

Sleep beacons…

A long day ahead…

The ship slowly rocks…

Another dream calls one’s name…


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