Atypical Typographical Allegorical

How many of us take moving our toes for granted?

In other words, yeah, we sit up in bed, look down at our, yeah, our feet, and without any conscious effort, we tell our toes to, well, yeah, to wiggle.

Riding with one hundred or so passengers on board a riverboat, I observe and have my observations confirmed that our fellow travelers, for the most part, have lived many more cycles around the Sun on Planet Earth than I have.

Because of this shift in age, because my wife and I are, by mathematical averages, younger than the majority of passengers, we are generally more physically fit than many onboard.

However, some older passengers could literally run circles around me.

And a dozen or more passengers are younger.

The crew, of course, is quite young, maybe by half.

There is a story here to be told that avoids the cliches of old shows on the tellie like “The Love Boat” or “Fantasy Island.”

I have to avoid being a stereotype myself even if I am partially hypnotised by my wife to not talk about the company that provides our transportation and entertainment until after we have returned home from our trip.

Why have I not learned to speak many languages fluently?

Am I like the young craftsperson in her tent outside the ruins of Heidelberg Castle selling her handmade feltwork, telling me, “I want to practice my English with you because I, how do you say, I slept during English grammatik class but I like to take many photos”?

I sleep through life many, many hours of the day.

During the day, for very many hours through my life, I sleep.

I hear the cynicism and sarcasm of young people who want to be seen for themselves and not for the roles they perform.

I remember when I was younger, ready to fulfill the potential of my dreams, seeing the paths I walked which took me farther and further from some dreams that seemed important in times past.

We are ourselves, no one else.

I have lost old and new friends.  I have missed opportunities to befriend people in the moment.

I do not know how many years, decades or centuries I have left to live, love and learn.

I only know that all seven-plus billion of us, no matter how well we know each other, link to the first human who will set foot and live upon another planet[oid].

Every one of us — bus drivers, restaurant servers, street vendors, riverboat housekeepers, tour guides, groundskeepers, castle owners, European civil rights court reporters, lorry repair shop workers, train engineers, chefs, ship captains…

Because I, the “sensitive to the interconnections of sets of states of energy in motion of the moment” temporary confluence of a set of states of energy, sleep throughout the day, the personality that serves in my place tries to maintain a modicum of sanity if not civility during social intercourse.

It is not easy being me.

I want to spend all my time in deep thought, feeling very grumpy, like a baby who wants food/sleep, throwing temper tantrums when I cannot pull myself into the sleeplike state of a full meditative trance in which I sense the vibrations around me, nearly totally unaware of the people around me who want to do the same and are perturbed when I interrupt them for some unnecessary trifle like the purchase of a trinket or asking for directions below a sign that points me where I want to go.

I promised my wife this trip outside of my meditation zone in the woods back home so she could visit European Christmas markets and see her favourites castles, Burg Maus and Burg Katz (the Mouse and Cat Castles).

We have accomplished these goals, with many bonuses in between.

Now we spend the rest of our holiday trip, yeah, our vacation, listening to our tour guides, program director and others educate and entertain us as we finish our float down the Rhine.

I challenge myself to see the people around me as multidimensional sets of states of energy and look for the vaporous edges of their temporary confluences where we have common boundaries we share without question and with full trust and happiness.


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