What best epitomises one’s place of residence?

Today, what one takes away from a takeaway, a fast food retail establishment in a commercial/residential district, is this:

We are what we eat — what feeds us is another matter.

Time to take inventory of birthday/holiday gifts and decide if any more labour credits are needed to be earned/spent to recognise the evidential existence, however circumstantial, of others in one’s life.

Then weave the daily patterns of Europeans, ancestral or otherwise, into a fuller narrative of galactic exploration.

Right now, we ignore our robotic atomic corporeal beingness in light of believing our selves as supposedly independent thinkers.

When we embrace self as small, medium or large (with many more adjective points on a spectrum) interconnected sets of states of energy,  we release us from escapist fantasy and embrace a richer place in imaginative moments of future spacetime realities.

The tides of social change ebb and flow, form eddies and floods, as they always have and always will — they fade quickly in memory as civilisations inevitably disappear.

Whatever labels we use along the way to future change state machines lose meaning as they should.

Intentionally getting state machines like us or amoeba off this planet rather than waiting for an unplanned comet strike to unearth extraorbital material is all that matters in the longterm goalsetting of our cultures.

The rest is just us filling the gaps in the birthprocreatedeath cycle.

In that last sentence is where the majority of us live, breathe, suffer, rejoice, cheer and jeer; where these words give meaning outside of illegible symbols.

Just like our cat, Papier, who chews on paper bags, unaware of the efforts put into inventing bag handles, logos, cash register machines, JIT merchandise distribution systems and recycling centres — she values playtime with me more than watching me write — making me coldly, rationally aware of the true value of life.

Art gives me meaning but only in context of connection to other humans.

Form and functionality are the elements I consider when planning offworld colonies of single-celled organisms using us as transport mechanisms.

What do we, as transport mechanisms, want in return for being extraplanetary logistical vessels?


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