Temporal, Contemporary, Timeless


Because we have technology like clocks we see the known universe like clockwork.

What we can’t fully perceive is what we are, what the totality of the universe is.

We, however, do not exist despite the illusion of self perpetuated by our senses.

Does your skin see itself in a mirror?

My subsubsubbasement scientists finally launched a series of lunchbox-sized “starter kits” filled with self-perpetuating organisms built on metabolic rates tied to the local environmental conditions of their new Martian ecosystems.

Soon, we will no longer think of ourselves as trying to terraform another planet for our use but rather use local material to construct whole new colonies which represent us in ways unimaginable.

When you erase the anthropological centric view, you disappear for something entirely different to take your place after you’re gone.

Beauty is not in the beholder.

Beauty is a label no longer necessary to describe that which lives with none of our external stimuli triggers (i.e., senses).

Creating a living, breathing solar system is a task billions of years in the making.

Becoming comfortable with the knowledge one is but a single cog in the tiniest wheel that spins on a water-covered ball called Earth…

…well, patience on a million-plus year scale outpaces any passing trend in the Zeitgeist.

Patterns on a seven-plus billion person scale assure one’s absence of self is self-apparent. šŸ˜‰


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