Standing on the driveway, the clock approaching midnight, I realise I have wisdom to integrate into my daily actions.

Wisdom such as the knowledge there is no right or wrong way, no left or right, no mistakes.

Only what is.

We pass through the lessons of the game of “sour grapes” to see that calling other people names or attaching what we consider derogatory behaviour to them is actually the…I hesitate to use the word “strengths” but something along those lines…their natural characteristics which add to our planet’s history.

The planet outlives us all, our families, our cultures, our species.

When we accept the reality that the scale of time favours planets over people do we understand the words we use to describe others have no power over them.

Nor do the words of others have power over us!

Thus it is okay to talk behind people’s backs because talk is talk and the emotional outlet we often need to express the stress our bodies feel in social settings.

Rumours have humour in them.  Let us laugh at the exaggeration one rumour builds in the retelling.

Use what we hear others say about us as insight into what they think about themselves and thus the individual characteristics of them we can put to use for [sub]cultural strengthening.

More later…


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