Lee and Guin sat down with Shadowgrass and recounted their history.

Lee leaned back and crossed his arms. “By now, the solar system has been completely mapped, explored and colonized by sentient beings that see themselves as Nodes of a Net, not individuals. On Enceladus, Guin and I have decided to come out of hiding, hoping to restore the benefits of individualism without destroying the benefits of the Net. Plus the living quarters on Enceladus are tenuous at best and deteriorating.

“Technical details weigh down the core goals of the mission at this point…

“However, this is the future of our species, no fictional Prime Directive, no Three Laws of Robotics.”

Guin put her hand on Lee’s shoulder. “Living to recreate the individual because the net has made sheep-zombies of us all — following the old ways of politicians with the most money using their mind control known as social media. The masses have been kept silent, uneducated and ignorant… The individual is indeed dead and needs to be reawakened! Viva Le revolution!

“But to infiltrate the net and re-establish mankind’s humanity??? Are we so detached now from it that it’s a distant memory? Maybe we should break free from the net and live beyond?

“Escape to the independent colony of free thinkers on Europa???”

Lee nodded. “They built the Colony for the sole purpose of independence.

How did they avoid groupthink? A question worth investigating through close examination of their new rituals, perhaps?”

Shadowgrass looked up from his position on the floor, having detached his torso from his tripod legs.  “Well, did you?”

Guin smiled. “Hmm… yes, indeed.”

Lee projected an image into all their conjoined thought patterns of the moment when Lee presented Guin the itinerary that changed not only their lives but the course of their species.

The three of them smiled together.


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