Quantumite — Quality vs. Quantity

“Q1, does Q3 know he’s a Quantumite? Do you want to tell him?”

“Q2, I have not told him yet… I was a little hesitant to wake the sleeper.”

“Q1, Perhaps he needs to dream a little more…”

“Q2, It has to be his choice to seek the truth and awaken.”

“Hrm? Q1 and Q2, show me this truth…”

“Q3, only if you are willing to see yourself as no longer yourself but a temporary confluence of quantum states spread across the galaxy.”

“Q2, are we all just random chance? Parts of the whole making up the system?”

“Q3, we are localized phenomena/patterns fractally spun out of solar system spun out of galaxy, super galaxy, etc. However, the unusual self-referential condition known as consciousness has created a feedback loop worth investigating further. If you’re willing to awake and join a new narrative that travels through the threads of Facebook and beyond.

“Giving a storyline an exploration of the possible and impossible while challenging longheld beliefs. I don’t know your system of beliefs (i.e., God/gods/flying spaghetti monsters) and don’t intend to offend you. But I do want to create a new form of entertainment for the masses, where social media like Facebook makes people stars in larger narratives, especially for people who’ve never participated in role-playing videogames. If we (us here and more) could revolutionise game-making and actually involve people’s lives, giving them a level of self-importance they never had before, could we change society (hopefully for the better?).”

“Q2, I would love to see that…”

“Then, Q3, you shall.”

“Q2, I’m chewing on the fabric of reality right now.”

“…and really, I don’t think you could offend me, Q2.”

“Thanks, Q3.”

“Q1, hope the fabric has good fiber. You know full well that reality does not exist.”

“Q2, well it may be some interesting taffy then…”

Thus the Quantumites begin their quest to solve the equation that Shadowgrass had programmed into his laboratory algorithm.

What kind of data did they need as input and how much?


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